shutterstock_252335683 (Custom)A sure way to take cost out of your road transport operations and improve your bottom line is to maximise the use of backloads.  Backload refers to utilising an empty vehicle on its return journey and this is usually priced at a reduced rate making this a really cost-effective way to move your goods.  It is also a great way for our corporate clients to reduce their carbon footprint and achieve their environmental targets.

We work hard to ensure that whenever possible we make our empty capacity work for our clients.  At Woodall Group we are constantly looking for ways that make our intelligent logistics operation more efficient and reduces our impact on the environment.  Therefore, we endeavour to plan our traffic management effectively to take advantage of backload opportunities wherever possible.

We enhance the use of backloads through our strategic network of logistics partners all over the UK in locations from Bristol to Scotland to find the best backload transport solutions at the best cost.