Returns Management


Unfortunately, returns are an inevitable reality of the logistics business.  But at Woodall Group we strive to minimise returns through working closely with our clients to analyse the reasons for returns and offering flexible delivery solutions.

When we need to collect returns we make our returns service as good as our delivery service.  We are acutely aware that when your customer has a return they are still on the customer journey with you our client, and we want them to have the best possible customer experience.  We work with our clients and understand that we are sometimes the only physical contact your customer has with your brand, this is especially true for our online retailer clients.

We arrange the collection of returns, we investigate the reason for the return and feed this information back to our client.  We also offer a sorting and re-working service where we assess against our client’s criteria whether the goods are suitable for re-packaging and resale or recycling.  We can re-work the goods if required or return them to you or put them back into your consignment stock.

We will be delighted to discuss how we can provide a cost effective returns management solution for your business, and whether any of our other intelligent logistics solutions can add value to your customers and improve your logistics operations.  Please contact us.