Kerbside Pallet

stock-photo-21842096-delivery-manFor goods that are best delivered on a pallet to your customer’s home we offer our kerbside delivery service.

Our delivery vehicle will have a tail-lift and the pallet will be off loaded by our trained driver using a hand operated pallet trolley.  We will carefully move the pallet onto the tail lift of the vehicle and then lower the pallet on to the kerbside.  Our driver will ensure that the pallet is left in a safe place on the kerb.

It is important to clarify with your customer:

  •         Any restrictions at any time for delivery vehicles
  •         If there are any parking restrictions that we need to be aware of
  •         Any weight limits or time limits
  •         If there are areas that cannot be accessed by delivery vehicles such as pedestrian only areas
  •         If there are obstructions, or soft or uneven surfaces unsuitable for the pallet trolley

Woodall Group offers a Call Centre Management Service so we can take care of delivery bookings direct with your customer on your behalf. We are experts at arranging deliveries and collections to homes across the country so why not contact us to see how we can help you with your kerbside pallet deliveries.

If you need your goods to be handled in any other way for the convenience of your customer please talk to us about your requirements as our driver will not be able to lift the pallet or place it anywhere but at the kerbside.