Eco Packaging

iStock_000026299699_Full-(1)As a major supplier of logistics solutions at Woodall Group we take our environmental responsibilities very seriously.  We know that the environment is of concern to all of our clients.  We make sure that we are aware of the environmental policies of our clients and work with our corporate clients to help them achieve their green targets.

Through our Logistics Consultancy we work with our clients to help them organise their logistics operations and processes more efficiently to reduce their impact on the environment.  We advise our clients on developing innovative changes to their packaging that can deliver cost reductions.

As a standard aspect of our intelligent logistics solutions we offer the option of eco packaging to all of our clients.  We will review the nature of your goods and suggest environmentally friendly packaging solutions that ensure that your goods arrive safely and undamaged but minimise waste, are sourced from sustainable sources or are recyclable.