Reverse Logistics

HiRes Reverse Logistics downloaded from istock (Custom)To some of our clients reverse logistics means their returns process.  To other clients it means the management of the collection, transportation, assessment and classification of goods from their intended point of consumption back to our client.  These goods can either be entered back into stock or have value extracted through reworking some or all of the goods into new products or obtaining value through recycling.

Woodall Group can handle every aspect of your reverse logistics. We can arrange collection, back into our warehouse for inspection, classification into whether goods are resalable or recyclable.  We can re-work the goods for you or return them to you.  We can arrange the recycling of raw materials and in the case of complex, or technology goods, we can arrange decommissioning.

We believe that reverse logistics is also about finding ways to reduce the number of returns and not just accept them as a fact of life and an acceptable cost to our client’s business.  We work to minimise the need for reverse logistics through management processes, data analysis and working in partnership with our clients.

Because we offer a full suite of intelligent logistics solutions we are flexible and capable of putting in place a reverse logistics process to meet your needs, including management reports, reworking, storage and transport.