iStock_000063131309_XXXLargeOur fulfilment services are always the last part of your customer experience and sometimes the only physical contact your customer has with your business.  They do not know that Woodall Group is providing the final picking, packing and despatch of your goods to them.

We consider ourselves to be a vital part of our clients’ customer service.  You have worked hard to get the sale so rest assured through our trained personnel and the time we spend understanding exactly what fulfilment means for your business the last link in the process, the goods actually getting to your customer, will be done right and done well.

We can hold consignment stock for you, pick and package your orders using your branded labels, despatch notes and packaging or white label packaging.  By entrusting your fulfilment service to Woodall Group you can be assured of fast accurate fulfilment combined with access to reports so you are always able to handle your customer service enquiries.

As part of our total intelligent logistics solutions you can outsource some or all of your call centre management.  Why not contact us and find out what we can offer or click here for more information.