Our Group IT Strategy

shutterstock_258562583 (Custom)Excellent IT underpins all of Woodall Group’s intelligent logistics operations, communication with our clients and throughout our business.  We know how important information and premium service is for our clients and their customers and this is why we have a programme of continuous improvement and nowhere is this ethos more evident than in IT and this is central to our IT strategy.

We invest heavily in up to date but proven IT systems that provide us with IT solutions that work in harmony with our client’s systems and processes.  Our investment in IT includes software, hardware, connectivity and training. Through upgrades in our IT infrastructure we have been able to offer new services and new levels of information transparency.  With IT fitted to all our vehicles we are able to offer accurate tracking and monitor and evaluate the performance of every individual driver.  We are able to identify training needs and ensure that our vehicles are driven in an environmentally friendly manner, which protects the environment and reduces maintenance and running costs.

We have a first class warehouse management system that enables us to provide accurate inventory management, pick and pack accurately and gives online access for traceability including capturing information from our drivers hand-held devices to capture proof of delivery or proof of collection and have this available in real time.

As you would expect from an expert provider of intelligent logistics solutions we can provide detailed management reports for our clients which are tailored to your specific needs.  Reporting is an important aspect of our service level agreement which we create uniquely for each client and in partnership with them.