Intelligent Logistics – A Brand Evolution

Woodall Group - Grey2016 has seen the Launch of Woodall Group, the newest brand in the 85 year history of the business.

The obvious change is the removing of Transport (from Woodall Transport Group) , but it is, however , the strapline “Intelligent Logistics” that represents a company wide shift to the future.

I have previously written about the future of Logistics as an I.T. business and the potential that shift creates.

Once you can shift customer discussions away from the cost and onto the value then the opportunity for both businesses increases massively.

If you have the requirement then there are many companies willing to run trucks or warehouses for a minimal margin, or even at a loss. They will invest in new  assets and increased overheads in order to drive perceived efficiency and then simply pass on their hard earned savings in order to reduce their margin further. Service then suffers to save cost and relationship breaks down. Cost of change is the often forgotten factor in these situations.

Intelligent Logistics dares to challenge convention and drive value in the supply chain. A partnership is created where the focus is on customer value and the result is increased margins for customer,  supplier and service provider.

Written by
Richard Woodall