Woodall Transport Is a Breath of Fresh Air!

The key benefit EcoTech (Europe) Limited receive from Woodall Transport Group is their total commitment to customer service and their understanding that the performance of their delivery service has a direct impact on how EcoTech is judged by their end customers. 

ecotech-mainimgEcoTech (Europe) Limited based in Coventry is one of the UK’s largest manufacturers of cleaning cloths, wet wipes and cleaning chemicals distributed thought the UK, Europe and the Middle East to businesses such as fast food restaurants, pub groups and airlines.  It is a business built on offering competitively priced quality products and outstanding customer service.

Founded in 1997 by Paul and Hazel Brownhill, EcoTech has enjoyed rapid expansion but has retained the quality ethos of a family business with family values.  From humble beginnings within 2 years they had moved into a 10,000 sq ft warehouse.  Within a further 18 months the business had grown significantly and they invested in a 30,000 sq.ft factory. This allowed EcoTech to install state of the art converting and packaging machines enabling the ‘in-house’ manufacture of a comprehensive range of cleaning cloths and wipes. Their growth has continued and EcoTech is looking to move again into a new 60,000 sq.ft factory.

Part of the contract with Woodalls is for them to take some of the customer service pressures away from EcoTech and liaise directly with EcoTech’s customers to arrange deliveries.  Through excellent communication with Woodalls’ Customer Service team EcoTech are kept fully informed about their deliveries. “We know the status of our deliveries before our customers do.  This is very important to us.” Says Sally Gill, Sales Coordinator, EcoTech (Europe) Limited.  “For us the deliveries are part of our complete service.  We have high quality products and it is very important for us to have total confidence in our delivery service because our customers see this as being part of the EcoTech service.”

EcoTech has not always experienced excellent transport services. In 2013 following delivery problems and issues with damaged goods they decided to change transport provider.  Sally told us, “We were constantly getting delivery issues and damages and it was taking up so much of our time to resolve them.  The damages reflected badly on us.  Our customers didn’t see the difference between us and our haulier and there are only so many times that you can apologise. We wanted top quality transport services.”

EcoTech looked at Woodall Transport Group and three other transport companies.  In all the meetings with Woodalls they were impressed that they valued customer service above all else and, like EcoTech, Woodalls is a family run business and they felt this was reflected in their professionalism and they liked the stability of working with a family business.

“EcoTech (Europe) Limited have been trading for 17 years and we have recently awarded our UK distribution to Woodall Transport and I can quite honestly say ‘what a breath of fresh air’. In the time that we have been working with Woodalls who collect multiple pallets from us every day we have not had any problems and all our customers are happy with our service.   Woodalls liaise directly with our customers and if there are any pending delays or issues, which as I understand it is very rare, they make these calls. Logistics for my company is the life blood of my business and the performance of my company is based on not just the quality of our products but also the delivery service that we offer. I have total confidence that pallets collected from our warehouse will be delivered in full, on time every time to our customers. All the Woodall Transport staff we deal with on a daily basis both in the office and drivers are very helpful and courteous. It is such a shame that it took us 17 years to find each other. But here is to the next 17 years.” Paul Brownhill, Managing Director, EcoTech (Europe) Limited

On a daily basis Woodalls collect 10 to 15 pallets and at the beginning of the month this is typically 20 to 30 pallets in a day.  EcoTech use Woodalls’ on-line system to book in collections and then liaise with their customer services team for anything non-standard and for special pricing such as for dedicated vehicles.

EcoTech reported that the switch over to Woodalls was very easy.  “The transition to Woodalls was seamless.  All our departments knew what was going on and we knew when we were going to be shown how to use the on-line booking system.  Woodalls even came and set up a printer for us to print pallet labels.”  Sally Gill said.

Contact EcoTech (Europe) Limited on 02476 471894 or www.ecotech-europe.com